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Starting a new little town from scratch like this can get a bit complicated so we built this page to explain it all as simply as possible. In addition to the text, we included audio narration clips in each section so if you prefer to listen, just turn up your volume and click the icons as you see them.

Just think of this as our online visitor’s center. It’ll give you a general understanding of what we’ve done, where we’re going, and what it’s all about. Anyone interested in digging deeper can apply for a guest pass to gain access to the next level of the site and meet a live tour guide that can answer any questions you might have about the project.

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The Story So Far

Three years ago, the first of us met in Chile and began designing the community of our dreams. It would be an inspiring incubator of imagination and innovation. A breathtaking bastion of unbridled brilliance. A liberating, peaceful, and supportive neighborhood for living, working, and raising families in. It was a tall order and we knew we’d need a whole lot of help to bring it all to life.

We released our plan and concept to the world and started gathering more pioneering spirits to join us. The next step was to find the perfect property to buy and after a year of painstaking exploration, we finally found it.

We had to be careful though. We had to test the soil mechanics, conduct an environmental impact study, and make absolutely certain that nothing was wrong with the property before investing our members’ capital in it. Fortunately, everything checked out and we were able to proceed with the purchase. By that time, we also had the architectural blueprints completed for our residential community center, the first building of the project. With all the legal work and preparation now complete, we’re now proceeding to the first stage of construction, eagerly looking forward to our most exciting year yet.

“It began as just another crazy dream… Now, it’s a hundred-acres of oceanfront real estate in the Valdivian Rainforest.”


We offer a wide range of private accommodations in our community center as well as parcels of land for those wishing to build a home of their own. Whether they have the biggest plot of land or the smallest entry-level room, all members are welcome to use the common grounds and amenities, which include a tech shop, media production studio, and community park.

Entry-Level Rooms

Residential Lots

Private Suites

I had been interested in creating a viable intentional community since my early twenties and have also been on the lookout for a good lily-pad in southern Chile, which I see as being not only beautiful but also resource-rich and stable. Fort Galt fit both my criteria perfectly.

Travis B.

The appeal of Fort Galt was not only finding my people but leaving behind the continuing big government domination upon the individual in my home country. I’m looking forward to a much healthier and happier environment and a new life adventure in Chile.

Matthew G.

A few years ago, I decided to leave California and start a new life in Chile. I was thrilled to find the Fort Galt website because it described the sort of community that I always longed to be a part of and the location was straight out of my childhood dreams.
Tanisha M.

The Core

Like many other homeowners’ associations and condo buildings, Fort Galt is built around a set of key features that attracts and supports a certain type of person. Just as a community built around a golf course will attract and serve golfers, our tech shop and production studio is attracting creative entrepreneurs. Designers, builders, writers, and independent artists alike are met with the facilities and tools they need to develop their projects. It’s the very spirit of bootstrapping enterprise that attracted the first of us to Chile in the first place.

Getting Down to Business

Chile is doing a fantastic job of importing new entrepreneurs to the country with accelerator programs like Startup Chile. This has resulted in a rising demand for suitable accommodations that needs to be met and that’s where we come in. Once a new business is up and running, it needs a home. Its founders need somewhere supportive and inspiring to live and work while their vision emerges from infancy. They need to be surrounded by a vibrant pool of talent and like-minded friends and our vision for Fort Galt is exactly that.

We’re convinced that a brighter future is achieved through innovation and enterprise rather than protest or politics so to us, building this community of creators is just a logical step along the path of human progress. Of course, most people are content enough to watch history unfold from the sidelines but if you find yourself driven to take responsibility and “be the change you want to see in the world,” you owe it to yourself to find your tribe and level up. At its core, that’s really what Fort Galt is all about.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” -R. Buckminster Fuller


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