In 2014, the first of us met in Chile and soon realized that we shared the common dream of an intentional community for digital nomads, independent artists, and entrepreneurs like us. Confident that there must be other people out there in search of such a place, we decided to team-up and start one ourselves. We found a local legal assistant, established the company, put up a website, and shared our concept with the world. One-by-one, pioneering spirits emerged from all over the world to join us in bringing the dream to life.


We began our search at the 33rd degree of latitude, where most of Chile’s population lives, and gradually worked our way south, in search of the ideal location for our new town. We eventually settled on the Los Rios region because of its abundant water, lush rain forests, and lower population. We set up our project headquarters in the regional capital of Valdivia and painstakingly explored the surrounding area. Our patience paid off when we eventually found our perfect property on the coast, a half-hour drive away.


The land we found was a hundred acres perched high on a hill, overlooking the ocean in the Valdivian Rainforest. A lot of work had to be done before construction could begin though. We conducted the required soil mechanics tests and environmental impact study while working with a Chilean architect to design the blueprints for our residential community center. Once all our ducks were in a row, we purchased the land to build on, cleared the trees, and turned our attention to preparing for construction.


Groundwater wells feed our central reservoir, which supplies water to each residential lot. Overhead lamps and some of the power lines have also been installed. A fiber-optic internet line from Valdivia is currently being installed and 4G service is holding us over in the mean time. We’ve just completed the community center’s concrete foundation and are proceeding with its framing next with the plan of having it up early in the new year. Members have been buying parcels and the first of them are here building now.



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