The community grounds are subdivided into residential lots for those who wish to build homes of their own. Power lines, overhead lighting, and a self-sufficient water system are already installed and ready to service residences. All parcels come with title of ownership and membership in the Fort Galt community, which entitles the owners to use of all common areas such as the roadways and park. A protected rainforest surrounds the community and the western border overlooks the ocean (left side of the map). We’re situated high atop a hill, well beyond the reach of any potential tsunamis, while the village of Curinanco is a kilometer to the south and the city of Valdivia is 25 kilometers to the southeast (see on Google Maps).

Land sizes are shown in square meters and prices in Chilean Unidad de Fomento (UF) . Prices fluctuate slightly with the strength of the currency. Today’s update available upon request. Final Price is the Lot Price plus 3% and 450,000 pesos for taxes and legal fees. Residents agree to abide by the community rules , which can be altered with 51% majority approval.

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